1) Accordingly to art. 5, par.1, law 431of 9/12/1998 the apartment is for Touristic Rentals only.

The apartment is delivered to the customer upon arrival totally clean and ready for use for the number of guests indicated in the voucher, and it is equipped with bed linen, towels and other conveniences. At the end of the period of stay the apartment must be left in the same condition in which it was delivered to the customer upon arrival, unless the normal use of everyday materials, towels, toilet paper .... Etc.  Kitchen pans, cutlery, glasses and anything else used for cooking and eating must be returned cleaned and dried. THE NUMBER OF PERSONS OCCUPYING THE APARTMENT MUST NOT EXCEED THE NUMBER OF GUESTS INDICATED IN THE BOOKING VOUCHER. NON-OBSERVANCE OF THIS RULE WILL GIVE THE RIGHT TO OUR AGENCY TO PRETEND FROM GUESTS THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF THE APARTMENT WITHOUT NOTHING TO CLAIM.

The Tenant acknowledges the fact that the apartment cannot be sub-rent but be used for touristic purpose only.

The tenant of the apartment will be liable for any damage caused during his stay to objects or furniture or electronic devices contained in the apartment and must reimburse the owner of the economic damage suffered because of his fault. The customer must  report to the manager of the Agency any bad functioning of electronic appliances or broken furniture contained in the apartment.

5) KEYS:
At check-in will be given to the customer a single copy of keys and the same  must be  returned upon check-out. THE CUSTOMER IS LIABLE FOR ALL POSSIBLE LOSS OF KEYS AND MUST PAY IN CASH THE EVENTUAL WORK OF A TECHNICIAN TO REPLACE THE LOCK AND FOR THE PROVISION OF NEW BUNCH OF KEYS.

Check-in can be done  between 12.00 am and 8,00 pm . The apartment is guaranteed cleaned and ordered just after 3,00 pm  on the day of arrival. Upon customer's request luggage can be left inside the apartment. On specific request of the customer it will be possible to have a LATE CHECK-IN .This will cost an extra amount of money accordingly  to the following rules: for check-in between 8,00 pm and 10,00 pm : Euro 20. For check-in between 10,00 pm  and midnight : Euro 30. For check-in after midnight : Euro 40. On the day of departure, our representative will be present at the time of check-out which may take place between 9,00 am and 11,00 am. Check-out after 11,00 am is not allowed. Check-out is required in order to control the apartment and to  return the security deposit that was paid upon arrival.

In the rare cases in which the chosen apartment upon arrival is  no longer available for reasons of force majeure beyond the control of Gogoita ( inconveniences that makes the apartment not usable), the Agency will provide alternative accommodation with a equal value of the booked accommodation at no extra cost to the customer. In case of refusal , the guest  will be refunded with the full amount of the payment received at time of booking and nothing else can be pretended.

In case of refusal of the apartment by the guest at check-in, or if  he decides to leave the accommodation before the end of his stay for reasons related to a change of mind about the apartment itself or in the case of disputes about the beauty or quality of the furniture and interior or in case of dispute caused by noise, or about the temperature inside the property during the summer,  or the system of air conditioning, or privacy, or about the size of the apartment , or about any other demand or any other element subject to an assessment or a subjective opinion, no amount will be refunded for any reason. Only in the case of impossibility to stay in the apartment due to structural damage or damage to appliances such as heating in the winter or to the water or electrical system, the agency Gogoita will provide alternative accommodation with a equal value of the booked accommodation at no extra cost to the customer. In case of refusal, the guest will be refunded with the amount of money that will refer to the days of accommodation not used by the guest.

It is normally required to secure the owner against any damages in the apartment due to carelessness or incompetence in use by the tenant. Usually the deposit shall not exceed a value of Euro 300 for short rentals and Euro 1,000 for long-term rentals. The same deposit is returned upon check-out after our staff has done a check on the integrity of the apartment and what it contains.

Tenants must respect all the rules of behaviour imposed by the condo as well as public security rule. In the event of non-compliance the owner has the right to request and obtain the immediate release of the apartment without any reimbursement of the costs of rent for the days  not joined .
In any case the holder of reservation will be held responsible in terms of law to the owner for the behaviour that has kept his group.

11) For any controversy it is competent  the Italian law and  the “Tribunale di Roma”.